Worth the wait!

War_horse_new_poster2I went to see WAR HORSE on Thursday night at the Bord Gais Theatre in Dublin. I’m ashamed to say that this was my first time in this venue, and I was suitably impressed. As expected, this is a very modern building and the layout affords good viewing and comfort, but thankfully still manages to retain that feel of a more traditional theatre. Having seen the movie, I was slightly skeptical that WAR HORSE could transfer successfully to the stage, without losing some of the visual impact which is vital in the telling of this story. Happily I was proved wrong.

Right from the start the audience was drawn into the action. Great lighting and the clever use of clouds to capture both the location and historical time frame were pure genius. Apart from the ‘ human’ cast members, who did a superb job, the beautifully engineered war horses stole the show – a testament to the great skill of the puppeteers. Also, the clever inclusion of a goose added a lighter note to what is an emotionally charged story.The standing ovation at the end hardly reflected the audiences appreciation. This is a wonderful production, way beyond my expectations. If you get a chance to catch it, do so.You won’t be disappointed!


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