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The Bloomsday Boys

Bloomsday on the June 16th turned out to be a wonderful bright and sunny day, always welcome at this time of year. Myself and partner Liz Greene were joined by good friend and fellow writer Don Cameron at Sweny’s Pharmacy in Lincoln Place, Dublin. Sweny’s is featured in James Joyce’s Ulysses as the location where Leopold Bloom bought his lemon scented soap, and is well worth a visit.This occasion was extra special because it was the first reading of Don’s short story The Bloomsday Boys which features Joyce accompanied by George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, Fran O’ Brien and Molly Malone on a crawl of their favourite Dublin pubs.The story, a well written and humorous piece, captured the occasion perfectly and was well received by the enthusiastic crowd. I took the opportunity to video the event and you can view it below.


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